Fiat Metaverse Store

As Touchcast’s Creative Art Director, I spearheaded the Fiat – Stellantis Metaverse Showroom, garnering acclaim and enhancing customer interaction. This intricate endeavor involved replicating the Fiat 500 intricacies using Unreal Engine 3D across months, managing iterative cycles and client feedback adeptly.

My multifaceted role encompassed deciphering the client’s brief, which formed the project’s core. I visualized how to seamlessly transpose the Fiat 500’s essence into the digital domain, guiding the 3D team to meticulously infuse accuracy, essence, and charm into the digital rendition.

This journey showcased my interpretive prowess, creative foresight, and leadership, converting a client’s vision into an immersive digital reality.

This breakthrough approach empowered FIAT to offer a truly immersive, photorealistic metaverse sales experience, setting a new industry standard. Without the need for costly VR equipment, customers could personalize and explore features, leading to unexpectedly extended engagement times. Notably, the FIAT Metaverse Store garnered acclaim from many articles and media coverage, drawing attention to the seamless integration of human interaction within a digital space.

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