About me

Creative Art Director

15+ years of experience have taken me from design studios in Lisbon and New York to advertising multinationals such as Euro RSCG – Havas, designing for international brands such as Accenture, Microsoft, Deloitte, HSBC, UBS, Macquarie, Fitch, Samsung, IBM, McDonald’s, and more. 

Currently, as the Creative Art Director at Touchcast – New York, I lead the design of immersive digital experiences for renowned brands, as well as curating and preserving the company’s brand identity. I am entrusted with the strategic oversight of a diverse design team based in the United States, comprising both 3D Unreal Engine experts and UX/UI designers located globally. 

Notably, I played a pivotal role in leading the creation of the groundbreaking Metaverse Showroom for Fiat – Stellantis, which generated significant acclaim and fostered positive customer engagement. This provided me with a unique perspective on the intersection of art, design, technology, and innovation.

Simultaneously, I actively contribute to shaping the company’s new approach to developing AI products, harnessing my creative and technical expertise to drive our AI-driven offerings and maintain our competitive edge in the market.

As Art Director at awarded Event Agencies, I’ve crafted experiences for high-profile events, including €2MM award-winning ones with 6000+ attendees. These events gained industry recognition and prestigious awards from Eventex and BeaWorld, showcasing my ability to deliver creative excellence under pressure.

I’m also proud to have been part of the founding creative team of a successful Experiential Activation Agency. We became an industry leader and received the Agency of the Year Award, where I skillfully led the design team, driving the creative process, and developing impactful Experiential Marketing and Guerrilla strategies. This has equipped me with the leadership skills and strategic mindset necessary to make a meaningful impact.

What i do

Visual solutions for any project involving Graphic Design.


Design for brands: logo creation, brand identity, communication solutions.


Experienced in design for several projects such as identity for conferences, events, concerts, festivals.

Concept & creation of Metaverse environments, experience with international clients such as FIAT, Accenture, UBS, HSBC, Macquarie, Experian, Konica Minolta, New York Fashion Lab.

Born and raised in Lisbon, Inês is Touchcast’s Creative Art Director, specializing in crafting stunning immersive experiences and pioneering AI visual solutions that captivate users and enhance long-term brand value for clients. Inês describes herself as a “Maker” and is driven and dedicated to the creative process.


I grew up devouring everything music and music video related. I realize that watching MTV as a teenager is something that makes their brand highly responsible for some of my life choices, such as pursuing a career in Graphic Design.

Being fascinated by their visuals and the scenography of the award shows in particular; it's not a surprise that I ended up designing for events.

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Client feedback is one of the most valuable tools in order to deliver each project more successfully every time. Being responsible for several steps of the creative process has entrusted me to creative direct on some really interesting projects which has made me grow more confident in my skills.

As long as you work together as a team and give the best of yourself, you can achieve amazing results.

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Working Remote

Being a huge fan of the remote system, what I like the best is to manage my time and day more efficiently. The time I used to waste while commuting, now I work out or get involved in personal projects. Overall I feel more happy and balanced, which of course reflects on the quality of work delivered, not to mention my motivation.

Oh, and the coffee, that was also a considerable improvement!

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Jibóia Studio

A few days per week I work at Jibóia Studio, a Creative Work Space owned by Branca Cuvier & Francisco Nogueira, created out of their dream of having their own atelier, as well as a place to promote new interactions between creative minds.

An inspiring workplace that promotes new ideas & nourishes my creative visual mind.

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